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North Kenwood Neighborhood History


Previously, some sections of the neighborhood were given different names such as Avalon, Melrose, Flora Villa Estates, Pelham Manor, Harris and Cushman Farms, but only a few traces remain of the old names.

On the Harris Farm (established 1924) there is still the house built by the farmers, and an old structure that used to be the Toll-Keeper House on the Gandy Bridge. Big fruit trees can still be seen around the Harris Farm. The Sellers Dairy used to be at the corner of 13th Avenue and 25th Street, not far from the Harris Farm. At one time, our neighborhood had a popular skating rink, which was demolished and replaced with medical offices.


North Kenwood is a centrally located  subdivision and is comprised of modest single story bungalows built in the late 40's, early 50's.  It contains about 1500 homes and is bordered by 22nd St N, 275, 9th Ave N. and 34th St N.   North Kenwood has two lakes, one in Booker Creek Park and the other, Emerald Lake, separating residential homes from the commercial section where the St. Petersburg Times has its printing plant. The neighborhood's central location makes it very convenient for shopping and easy access to all of St. Petersburg and Interstate 275. In 1973, a 35-acre lake and park were proposed on the site that is now Booker Creek Lake; the largest man-made lake in the city. 

Trees are everywhere and North Kenwood is famous for its towering oak trees that distinguish it from other neighborhoods. In fact, the oak tree has become its symbol. In the sections that were farms before houses were built, one finds big fruit trees such as avocados, mangos, grapefruits, and oranges.

North Kenwood is fast becoming a meca for young families looking for affordable homes. The neighborhood has experienced a
renaissance in the past few years with an influx of new home owners bringing pride of ownership to a once distressed area.  Several home builders have also come into the neighborhood developing on every empty parcel.  A new, large townhome community "Uptown Kenwood" has added 60+ unscale units, adding to the neighborhood's property values. 


North Kenwood just gets better and better!

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